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Anxiety, panic, and worry can be a heavy weight on the shoulders of those who suffer from them. The constant worrying and stress can be debilitating by taking over your life and preventing you from enjoying the things that you love. You don’t have to live with these feelings of worry, panic, or anxiety anymore. As an anxiety therapist in Irvine, CA, Dr. Kyle Kermott has a proven method of anxiety therapy that will change your life for the better and help you move on to live your best life.

Therapy Summit is here to provide you with anxiety therapy that includes mental, emotional, and behavioral treatment methods. Through Dr. Kermott’s revolutionary BETR Method, conquer your anxiety and learn to feel like yourself again.
By working with you on a deep level, and tailoring our therapy to your specific needs, our effective treatment for anxiety is designed to not only help you handle your feelings of anxiety and worry, but to conquer them fully by. Dr. Kermott your clinical psychologist who understands the feelings that take over your mind and provides their best expertise in therapy for anxiety in Orange County.

Different Types of Therapy for Anxiety near Costa Mesa

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Not everyone’s anxiety manifests the same way. So why should everyone’s mental health anxiety therapy be the same? At Therapy Summit, Dr. Kermott provides different types of therapy for anxiety that are personally designed to fit the needs of each individual patient. The BETR Method as designed by Dr. Kermott is a holistic approach to anxiety treatment therapy that will effectively reduce or relieve your anxiety.

Through Cognitive behavioral treatment therapy, Dr. Kermott can help you identify the behaviors that trigger your feelings of anxiety. Once those behaviors are isolated, Dr. Kermott and Therapy Summit will help you learn how to change damaging or harmful actions. By eliminating or modifying negative behavior, you can have positive, lasting effects on your mental health and anxiety.

Emotionally focused therapy for anxiety with Dr. Kermott’s technique will use psychoanalytic techniques to alleviate the distressing emotions you feel with your anxiety. The BETR Method offers anxiety therapy in Irvine that will help you to understand your anxious feelings while finding ways that you can decrease the intense feelings of panic and worry. Even if we’re not able to eliminate your difficult feelings completely, Dr. Kermott will work with you to help you to learn how to control your anxiety.

You can get back to your life without the worry that comes with anxiety. Return to your feelings, to peace and tranquility when you let Dr. Kermott offer his state-of-the-art therapy for anxiety. Therapy Summit is here to help you reach higher ground through revolutionary therapy.