Depression is a common mental health problem. It affects roughly 15 million American adults on a yearly basis. Depression is mainly associated with feelings of sadness and/or loss of pleasure and interest in life. Without the right treatment, depression will persist in a person's life for years, and will usually get worse over time. The good news is that with the right help, depression is highly treatable.​

Depression is more than the "normal" feelings of sadness that an individual goes through over time. Depression is a place that a person finds themselves in on a regular basis. A person with depression will also common experience some of these symptoms:

  • Feelings of worthlessness.
  • Difficulty sleeping, or oversleeping.
  • Lack of energy - feeling tired all of the time.
  • Thoughts of death or suicide.
  • Not being able to concentrate on normal tasks; difficulty making decisions.
  • Changes in appetite (either loss of appetite, or increased appetite), and body weight.
  • Feelings of guilt or shame.

​Depression can be treated effectively through therapy. Because depression is composed of biological and psychological factors, effective treatment for depression can take time. However, with the right therapy, someone can usually experience lasting relief from their feelings of depression.

​At Therapy Summit, we have created a therapy program that is designed to effectively treat depression. You can learn more about the therapy we provide, called "The BETR Method." And if you are ready to start feeling better, you can schedule an appointment today.