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Get to the bottom of your depression with insight-oriented therapy in Irvine, CA. Therapy Summit can help you conquer your depression with insight-based therapy by helping you understand the root of your difficulties and guiding you to successfully solving your problems. Kyle Kermott, Psy.D. of Therapy Summit offers a holistic approach to mental health by utilizing the B.E.T.R. Method, a pioneering therapy program he developed.

With the B.E.T.R. Method, Dr. Kermott uses a three-pillar approach to solving your depression. The three pillars of the B.E.T.R. Method are: Behavioral, Emotional, and Therapeutic Relationship. The foundation of Dr. Kermott’s method is Therapeutic Relationship. Research has shown that the bond that you form with your psychologist is imperative to your recovery. As part of the B.E.T.R. Method, it’s essential that we create a relationship that’s based on trust, compassion, and non-judgement. As part of our insight-focused therapy, we encourage an open dialogue where you feel free to share with your therapist what is or is not working for you. Through our therapeutic relationship, we can more easily identify, understand, and change the patterns that you may have developed which are keeping you stuck in your old, unhelpful ways of living.

After developing a Therapeutic Relationship, the next step is working through your behavioral patterns. Dr. Kermott can help you to see what kind of behaviors are causing trouble in your life, and once these behaviors have been identified, it’s important to understand how to alter them. The Emotional pillar is the final part to the road to freedom from depression through the B.E.T.R. Method. Dr. Kermott understands that the feelings and emotions that come with depression can be debilitating. The B.E.T.R. Method encourages you to get in touch with the intense feelings of depression in order to conquer them. Research has shown that the emotions that accompany depression can be better tolerated by truly learning to express, feel, and express them. With intensive insight-oriented therapy through the B.E.T.R. Method, you can gain the tools to defeat your feelings of depression. And when the three pillars work together, they help to create a lasting effect of freedom from your difficulties.

Dr. Kermott also uses the B.E.T.R. Method treat other mental illnesses that include trauma, anxiety, life transitions (e.g. work changes, school issues), suicidal ideation, relationship difficulties, substance abuse, and many more.

Please call us or contact us online with our simple form. You can find Therapy Summit location at 18010 Sky Park Cr., Suite 290, Irvine, CA 92614, near the areas of Huntington Beach and Orange. We’re here to help you make the important strides to overcoming and defeating your depression through insight therapy.