Social Isolation Depression in Irvine, California

Social Isolation and Depression

Sometimes we feel like we are fully aware of how we’re feeling and our mental wellness. Other times, we’re not entirely sure. It’s easy to lose track of the state of your mental well being, especially when there are a variety of other aspects of life that require your attention. During a time when isolation is required, it’s important to monitor your mental health and be aware of the effects of social isolation on mental health, especially depression.

Is social isolation a symptom of depression?

During a time of social isolation you might wonder, “Can social isolation cause depression?” Another question you might pose is, “Is social isolation a symptom of depression?” The simple answer to both of these questions is yes.

Can social isolation cause depression?

Human beings are social by nature, which means that we thrive with social interaction. It’s normal for you to want to be with your family and friends, especially during a time that’s stressful on your mind and body. According to the American Psychological Association, it’s been found that, among other adverse effects, social isolation is one of the leading causes for  depression. Learn more about the relationship between social isolation and depression in order to stay informed and improve your understanding and awareness of how you or a loved one in the Irvine, CA area might be feeling.

Social isolation leads to depression

Whether it’s mandated or suggested that you stay socially isolated, there are things that you can do to combat social isolation depression. Try to keep busy. If you have to stay home or away from others, try to learn a new skill. Fortunately, we live in the age of information and typically have a world of information at our fingertips. Find a video or tutorial that shows you how to learn a new skill or develop a talent.

Another benefit of the technology in our hands is instant communication. Call your family or friends on the phone or use video chat to stay in touch. Hearing a familiar voice or seeing a familiar face can go a long way to raising your spirits.

Finally, try to get some exercise. When your body is moving it releases hormones called neurotransmitters that will help improve your mood. Even if you can’t get outside to exercise, trying doing simple exercises or stretches inside your home. Anything can help to break up the monotony of isolation and combat depression that is associated with social isolation.

If you feel like you’re suffering from social isolation and depression in Irvine, CA, don’t hesitate to call Dr. Kyle Kermott at Therapy Summit. He offers holistic therapy for depression. With his proven methods, he can help you understand your feelings of depression and guide you to a better place. You can easily reach Therapy Summit at 949-500-9109, or use our online form to send us a message. We’ll be sure to get back to you promptly so you can get the help that you’re seeking.