Therapy for Depression in Irvine, California

Dr. Kyle Kermott Offers Depression Therapy in Orange County

  • Dr. Kyle Kermott Offers Depression Therapy in Orange County
  • Holistic Therapy for Depression in Irvine, CA
  • One of the Best Therapy for Depression near Costa Mesa, CA
  • Talk Therapy Treatment for Major Depression

You don’t have to let depression take control of your life and take you away from the things you care about most. There is hope and help through depression therapy with Dr. Kyle Kermott. His revolutionary B.E.T.R. Method is proven effective therapy for depression in the Newport Beach and Costa Mesa areas and has proven successful in patients with varying forms of depression who follow his direction and counsel.

By taking a holistic approach to your therapy for depression, Dr. Kermott is better able to understand the cause of your depression and help you to find a long-term solution that will have a significant and lasting impact on your life.

As part of the B.E.T.R. Method, Dr. Kermott and the staff at Therapy Summit advocate for talk therapy for depression. Through talk therapy, you can successfully develop a Therapeutic Relationship with Dr. Kermott, which is the foundation for his work and therapy for depression with you. The goal of this relationship is to eventually lead to Behavioral changes that eliminate troublesome behavior that leads to negative feelings in your life. Emotional acceptance is the final part of the B.E.T.R. Method and is designed to help treat even major depression by learning to accept, feel, and express even your most intense emotions.

Our major depression therapy through the B.E.T.R. Method is designed to reduce the intense feelings of hopelessness and sadness that accompany depression. Through talk therapy for depression, Dr. Kermott can help you find the proper holistic approach to rid yourself of the negativity that comes with the feelings of depression.

Once you have implemented the three pillars of the B.E.T.R. Method, you’ll be on your way to a brighter world with lasting happiness. Because of his holistic approach to depression therapy, Dr. Kermott can confidently say that his B.E.T.R. Method is one of the best therapy for depression in Orange County.

Call Therapy Summit at 949-500-9109, or contact Dr. Kermott and his staff online today to find out how his plan for individualized depression therapy treatment in Irvine is designed to cater specifically to your individual needs. You can find the Therapy Summit office located at 18010 Sky Park Cr. Suite 290 Irvine, CA 92614. Our friendly and understanding staff is standing by to help you take the first step to conquering your depression.

Dr. Kermott with Therapy Summit are here to support you while you work through your individualized plan for therapy for depression through the B.E.T.R. Method. There is a way out of the abyss of depression that can take hold of your life. Adopt comprehensive and holistic depression therapy and find a better life for yourself.