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There are three types of trauma that can impact a person’s mental state. The first type is acute trauma, which is the result of a single event. Chronic trauma is repeated over a period of time like domestic violence or abuse. The third type of trauma is complex trauma and includes multiple events that can be invasive in nature. Dr. Kyle Kermott of Therapy Summit offers trauma therapy to help you overcome the thoughts, feelings, and memories associated with all three of these types of traumatic events.

Trauma-Focused Therapy for Adults

What is trauma therapy? This type of therapy is specifically designed to address the feelings, thoughts, and memories that remain attached to a traumatic event. Many times people find that they cannot mentally move past a traumatic event, and feel like the incident continues to affect them for months or years. Dr. Kermott can help you learn to cope with the painful challenges associated with trauma by offering trauma-focused therapy in Irvine, CA.

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Your trauma-focused therapy with Dr. Kermott is designed to meet your specific needs. He understands that not every event, though it might be similar in nature, has the same affect on each individual. Additionally, different people will have different reactions to the same event. Because these variations affect how you as an individual reacts to a traumatic event, Dr. Kermott will take great care to ensure that your trauma therapy meets your unique needs.

Come see Dr. Kermott at Therapy Summit for trauma-focused therapy for adults near Costa Mesa, CA. You can overcome the difficult feelings that come with a traumatic event with the help of Dr. Kermott.

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Find trauma-based therapy in Irvine, CA when you visit Therapy Summit. Dr. Kermott has been trained to offer therapy and counseling to help you overcome the painful thoughts, feelings, and memories associated with your traumatic experience. While the short-term effects of trauma can include things like exhaustion, anxiety, agitation, and confusion, someone who doesn’t seek a therapist for trauma can develop more severe symptoms that can have long-term negative effects on their mental health. Trauma counseling can help overcome depression, anxiety, nightmares, sleep disorders, anxiety-related flashbacks, and more. Dr. Kermott offers trauma and PTSD therapy to help you overcome these lasting effects of a traumatic event.

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If you need trauma therapy in Orange County, call Dr. Kermott and Therapy Summit today at 949-500-9109. You can find our office located in the Airport Business Center at 18010 Sky Park Cr., Suite 290, Irvine, CA 92614. If you’d like to learn more about Therapy Summit and our available therapy services before visiting, you can also send us a message using our online contact form. 

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Get help with trauma counseling near Newport Beach, CA from Dr. Kermott. Therapy Summit wants to help you overcome a traumatic event by learning to cope with intense emotions and memories. Achieve the life you want with help from trauma therapy.