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Virtual Therapy Sessions

Facing mental health problems is never easy. There are countless treatment options, but many people struggle to find the right one. It is an exhausting process that can feel very lonely. Therapists are there to help you on your journey, but many people dread visiting a doctor’s office. Before you give up on yourself, consider virtual therapy. By combining an experienced, licensed psychologist with the comfort of your home, you can experience results that you never imagined were possible.

Benefits of Virtual Therapy Sessions

  • Feeling safe and comfortable in your home
    • If you can find your own space at home, you may feel more secure. In some offices, patients worry that other patients waiting in the hallway may hear the therapy session in progress.
  • Ease of scheduling
    • Anyone with a busy schedule knows that finding time for travel to and from an hour-long appointment is difficult, even if the office is nearby. It may be much easier to fit an appointment into your busy schedule when you can eliminate travel time.
    • You can also have more consistent care by cutting back on scheduling conflicts.
  • Being more open
    • We often feel uncomfortable in new places and act differently than we would in our homes. However, having virtual therapy sessions from home allows your therapist to see you in your element.

How Will Virtual Therapy Sessions Help Me?

Dr. Kermott, Therapy Summit’s psychologist in Irvine, CA, is dedicated to his patients. He helps patients through everything, from lack of motivation to anxiety to severe depression. Additionally, he offers virtual family therapy, couples therapy, and therapy for trauma from any age.

Who Can Benefit from Virtual Therapy Sessions?

Online counseling can be helpful for most people, but the following people are likely to benefit from virtual therapy sessions the most:

  • People with ADHD
    • If you have trouble focusing, a foreign environment can be very overwhelming. You may not be able to accomplish what you had hoped in person because everything else is demanding your attention. You won’t be stuck beside any distractions that are out of your control at home.
  • People with OCD
    • Those with OCD may also be overwhelmed by a foreign environment. If misplaced or disorganized items stir up your OCD, going to an office for therapy may be ineffective. Controlling your environment at home may simplify your visits. Thus, you will get the most out of your visits with one of the best psychologists in Irvine, CA.
  • People with agoraphobia
    • If you are afraid to leave your house, making regular visits to your therapist can feel impossible, regardless of whether or not the office is near your home. With online therapy, you can make consistent progress without added stress.

You have been suffering long enough. It’s time to fit an experienced psychologist into your busy schedule. Make an appointment to get the best virtual therapy sessions with us today. The quality of life you’ve always dreamed about is right around the corner.